Halloween Parade


The Halloween Parade is a long-standing tradition in the Defiance Area, which is sponsored and organized by the Defiance Lions Club. It is traditionally held on the last Saturday of October (October 25, 2014) beginning at 7 PM.

Halloween Pic

The community flocks annually to the Defiance downtown area to see and participate in this memorable halloween event. Participants include a variety of floats, antique & classic vehicles, and various walking groups united by a celebratory halloween theme. Floats compete for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes, selected by a panel of judges.

The event begins at 7 PM south of the Junior High, and traveling downtown. All are encouraged to come and watch the parade.


No charge to enter the parade unless you are a political float. However this year we are asking a Monetary donation to the Lions Club to help defray the cost of the parade.
Political floats receive a $50 charge.

Concessions are allowed, on a first come first serve basis. It is the vendors responsibility to find a spot and get the local business to approve you to set up in their location.

Non-profit Concessions: $10
Commercial Concessions: $40


No registration for this event and lineup is first came first served. Pryor to the start of the Parade someone from the Lions Club will give you a number, along with an attached information sheet. This sheet will be given to the judges, and will include what you would like them to say about your float. As you arrive close to the judge's stand your information sheet will be collected and taken to the announcer. DO NOT LEAVE FLOATS OR ENTERIES UNATTENDED

Interested parties are welcome to type this information up before the parade, or obtain registration Online.

Line up times and Details:

Line up begins south of the Defiance Jr. High School (see map). No floats or vehicles are allowed north of the Jr. High school before the parade.

Please do not park or lineup on Clinton St. until the street has been closed by Police. In the past this has been a traffic hazard and you will be asked to move.

Candy and treats can be pasted out during the parade however nothing can be thrown from a moving vehicle, must be pasted out. This can cause a safety hazard.

See the map below for details on line-up.


Though not required, it is suggested line-up begin no earlier than 4:30 pm.